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Thanks for stopping by. We are in the early stages of development. Our goal is to bring the community together by using music, information and the internet. We will strive to always present a positive experience!

Country Music Mix from the 70’s to Today
– Please check out the other sections of the website. Contact us by sending an email to fairportvillageradio@gmail.com
– The goal is to have a business directory, events calendar, coupons and a classifieds.
– If your non profit has an event you would like announced email us the info 2 weeks before. We would be happy to help!
– We are always looking for local programming, shows and information…Know of any??? Email us!
– Visit our Facebook page “Fairport Village Radio”

There are plenty of ways to listen. Today’s vehicles have the technology to connect to your cellphone through bluetooth. Other vehicles have a jack that you can connect your device using a cable. We would be happy to help you connect your device to your vehicle.
We are working on an app for Android and iPhones

More ways to listen…

Country Options

*  Winamp, iTunes http://cent2.serverhostingcenter.com:2199/tunein/wleonfol.pls
*  Windows Media Player http://cent2.serverhostingcenter.com:2199/tunein/wleonfol.asx
*  Real Player http://cent2.serverhostingcenter.com:2199/tunein/wleonfol.ram
*  QuickTime http://cent2.serverhostingcenter.com:2199/tunein/wleonfol.qtl

Music Mix Options

*  Winamp, iTunes http://cast9.directhostingcenter.com:2199/tunein/vwdwpfnj.pls
*  Windows Media Player http://cast9.directhostingcenter.com:2199/tunein/vwdwpfnj.asx
*  Real Player http://cast9.directhostingcenter.com:2199/tunein/vwdwpfnj.ram
*  QuickTime http://cast9.directhostingcenter.com:2199/tunein/vwdwpfnj.qtl
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